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Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of outpatient psychiatric services that are affordable, accessible and individualized. Our holistic approach to mental health care means addressing not just the symptoms but also the underlying causes, empowering
clients to achieve lasting well-being.

Our psychiatric providers work collaboratively with Primary Care to assure best outcomes for your overall well-being.

We offer a comfortable, convenient and private office space at Northgate & also offer services via Telehealth.


Treatments & Therapies

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations, tailored to thoroughly assess mental health concerns and guide effective intervention strategies.
Discover how your genes impact medication effectiveness with GeneSight Psychotropic testing.
Outpatient Addiction Treatment program, offering flexible support for individuals managing substance use disorders.
Counseling Services designed to address immediate concerns, build coping skills, and navigate life’s challenges effectively.
Support with Medication Management to help you better understand them and how they are used.
Therapy Groups for a safe space to share and learn from others, guided by a therapist.
Case Management Services tailored to boost patient treatment progress and track effectiveness.
Psychotherapy services tailored for long-term support and addressing complex conditions.

Join our Team

At HeathPath, we foster a supportive and inclusive environment, encouraging professional growth and continuous learning. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of our patients, as we collectively strive for excellence in healthcare delivery. Your skills and passion for healthcare will find a meaningful home here at HeathPath Medical and Physiatric Care.

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Referring a friend or loved one to HeathPath Medical and Physiatric Care is a step towards ensuring they receive top-notch medical care. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals prioritizes patient well-being, offering personalized and compassionate services. Trust HeathPath for exceptional medical care that puts the health and comfort of your loved ones first.