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What Does the BrainView Assessment Actually Do?

We understand that your mental and physical health are deeply connected, and this assessment helps us see how they impact each other. The BrainView test is a gentle cognitive assessment that gives us valuable information about your brain’s performance in areas like stress, memory, and thinking. It also monitors physical functions such as heart rate and metabolism. This holistic approach allows your provider to develop a more personalized treatment plan, ensuring your overall care is well-coordinated and effective.

The results of this assessment will give us a clear picture of your brain’s activity related to processing speed, memory, and other cognitive functions. It will also shed light on stress-related conditions and how your physical and mental health influence one another.

Most importantly, the results will provide insight and validation for what you’ve been feeling and experiencing, or they may reveal an underlying condition such as:

Warning signs in advance of disease onset of memory loss or dementia, TBI, Depression, Sleep Apnea, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, ADD/ADHD

Clinicians Can Identify & Assess The Following:

brain sections labeled

Cognitive Function

Cognitive Impairment

Chronic Pain


Head Trauma

Level of Cognitive Impairment



Memory Loss

Sleep Disorders

ANS Function

Behavior Disorders



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BrainView Allows Quick & Effective Assessment of Neuro-Cognitive Function for Early Detection & Treatment

Understanding that your mental and physical health are interconnected is key. The BrainView test becomes an invaluable cognitive assessment tool, offering insights into your brain’s performance in areas such as stress, memory, and cognition. Additionally, it tracks physical functions like heart rate and metabolism. This comprehensive approach enables your provider to develop a more personalized treatment plan and ensure your overall care is well-coordinated.

BrainView is a friendly, non-invasive, and portable system that helps assess your cognitive functions. It provides a detailed report on various abilities such as memory, attention, information processing, and executive function. This valuable information can help diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, making it a fantastic option for your health journey.

Alzheimer's Disease​


Learning Disabilities



Why should I consider doing BrainView testing?
BrainView shows markers that relate to working memory, sensory/processing concerns, and focus. It can help discriminate ADD from ADHD, or ADD/ADHD from anxiety or similar states. Patients wondering about memory impairment, like early dementia or concerns for Alzheimer’s disease can be tested.
BrainView is for all ages. If a child is able to read and sit still and answer questions on a screen, they most likely can take this test.
As of 2024, most insurances are not covering the BrainView NeuralScan test. Therefore, we will be collecting the cost up front of $299.

Testing is easy to get done. Our team will fit a testing cap onto your head (your hair will have water-based gel from testing in it afterwards). You will sit in a dark, quiet room while the EEG electrodes track your brain waves. Initially the test is very quiet, while it measures background brain activity, then it plays sounds or changes images on the computer screen, measuring brain activity. Last, you will have a button to quickly indicate as soon as you notice the right image being shown on the screen.

Do NOT drink energy drinks, more than two cups of coffee, or take any stimulant medications within 12 hours prior to testing. This includes weight loss medications like phentermine, or any stimulant ADD/ADHD medications, such as Adderall® or Focalin®.

A "Lab Test" for the Brain

The BrainView NeuralScan system – objective measurement of cognitive function

The BrainView NeuralScan system conducts a simple and painless assessment that takes about 45 minutes. During the test, you’ll wear an EEG cap, which feels similar to a swim cap. The system will guide you through a series of easy exercises while recording your brainwave activity.

On the day of the test, we ask that you refrain from taking any stimulants beforehand, though you may continue with your regular prescription medications. Please ensure your hair is clean and wear comfortable clothing. You can drive to and from your appointment without any concerns. Note that we use a water-soluble gel on your scalp and hair as part of the setup, which can be easily washed out.

When you arrive, check in at the front desk, and a technician will escort you to one of our testing rooms to begin the setup and instructions. They will fit the cap on your head and apply a small amount of saline gel to your scalp. Additionally, the technician will attach three EKG leads and a pulse oximeter. This test is harmless, painless, and observes your brain’s activity and functioning.

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Finding and Treating From the Root Cause

NeuralScan quantitatively assesses and often distinguishes various cognitive problems.

As the most vital organ in your body, your brain acts as the command center of your nervous system, regulating all bodily functions. Maintaining and understanding brain function is crucial, particularly when addressing the aforementioned issues. Since different regions of your brain collaborate to produce thoughts and control bodily functions, each area can be individually measured and tested to ensure optimal performance.

The BrainView NeuralScan system excels at detecting mild cognitive impairment and memory loss earlier than other methods. It also distinguishes between depression and dementia, as well as ADD and ADHD, providing precise differential diagnoses.

Practical Benefits:

Neuro-Functional Cognitive Testing

Medical Device, Data & Software System Used to Integrate & Analyze Data from Multiple Electrophysiological Technologies

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The BrainView NeuroScan is a cutting-edge, non-invasive technology that comprehensively assesses brain function. It combines electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brainwave activity, electrocardiography (ECG) to monitor heart activity, and assessments of visual and auditory processing speeds.
Do NOT drink energy drinks, more than two cups of coffee, or take any stimulant medications within 12 hours prior to testing. This includes weight loss medications like phentermine, or any stimulant ADD/ADHD medications, such as Adderall® or Focalin®.
According to the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR), biofeedback is a process that helps individuals learn to change their physiological activity to improve health and performance.

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